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"Sarah made my husband's 40th bday cake. I suggested something record or turntable related. She delivered a turntable featuring my husband's favourite record hand painted down to the most exact detail. It was a party stopper - everyone in the house stopped to take note & take photos. And it was delicious. And that is just one of many beautiful & delicious cakes she has made for us."



"As a pastry chef of 17 years, I have tasted a lot of chocolates, and I have to say those were the absolute best chocolates I have ever had! Incredible to look at as well"  



"Equal parts "the most delicious baked treats you've ever eaten" and "mind-bogglingly beautiful pieces of edible art" Often at first glance, I have a hard time believing I'm looking at a cake and not a sculpture. Sarah's Wooden Spoon products offer the rare quality of being just as amazing to taste as they are to look at, baked with high quality, healthy, and socially-conscious ingredients. I can't get enough!"



"I had to share with everyone that they are bar none the best flavoured, textured, tempered chocolate truffles I have ever had.  Flawless execution.  Well done."



"We have been getting our Celebration cakes exclusively from Sarah for the last few years (at least three times a year). She is brilliantly creative, uses high quality whole ingredients, and the cakes are absolutely delicious. So unless I decide to make a cake box (which happens less and less because of Sarah!), Sarah is the one we go to for cake!" --Laura



"My 2 best girlfriends asked Sarah to make a cake for my birthday in February. The cake was gorgeous, a complete surprise, the talk of the restaurant and melted my heart. Cutting into the beautiful creation was hard to do but worth every bite. Delicious, fair trade ingredients! My friends and I love SWS cakes and are picking up a boot cake today. Looking forward to it!" --Jacky


"Being the lone vegan in a large office is often challenging, but especially when my birthday rolled around (tradition has employees bring cake in for everyone else on their birthday). However, Sarah baked an elegant and delicious vegan cake that had even the staunchest opponents of alternative diets singing its praises. Good thing I brought some of her cards to pass around."



"I think the most amazing and delicious creation I have had made by the very talented and creative Sarah was the combination of cakes that she put together in pixelated form for the Ladybird Sanctuary fundraising event. Every pixel was fantastic, each flavour so tasty with very flavourful fillings and icings, beautifully coloured. What a masterpiece!"



"Sarah is the best baker in the city! Every single time I have the honour of trying her delicious treats, I am blown away. Plus - they are made with so much love, care, and attention - it feels like a good treat for your soul. I would recommend her baked goods to anyone. Plus her cakes are seriously works of art - this is one talented and creative gal!"



"Sarah's cakes are not only delicious, they are works of art. My grandsons' birthday cakes are simply incredible, every year. And her brownies (of all types) and handmade truffles are to die for. She puts hours of love and creativity into everything she makes."



"Sarah created a memorable, unique and delicious specialty cake to celebrate my Dad's 75th. It was an exact replica of my father's home and it was phenomenal. Sarah's artistry and attention to detail is awesome. We would highly recommend Sarah's Wooden Spoon to anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of art to celebrate any occasion."



"Sarah is a genius in the kitchen. From chocolate to cake, there isn't anything I haven't loved. Makes SWS unique are two things- first Sarah's ability to make healthy, delicious treats, the second that they are made with heart and vision. Simply put Sarah is the best."



"I have eaten many of Sarah's delicious cakes and baked goods. Her baking is exceptional, with high quality ingredients, gorgeous style, and most importantly they are so delicious. I highly recommend!!!"



"Sarah and I went to pastry school together and I was impressed by her right from the get-go! Her skills have increased and I am so proud to be her friend and have loved every bit of baking of hers that I have put in my mouth. I can honestly say she is one of the the most talented cake artists I have ever met - and does what many fail to do when making artistic cakes - she makes them not only a treat for the eyes but EXTREMELY delicious!" --Gina


"Sarah's Wooden Spoon products never cease to amaze me. They're unbelievably delicious and beyond gorgeous. Her cakes are truly pieces of art that you don't want to eat but can't help but devour!"


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